Types Of Emergency Medical Transportation

Different Types Of Emergency Medical Transportation

Ambulances are a very important part of the health care system. They are crucial in getting patients to the hospital quickly enough. However, not all ambulances are created equal. There are different types of ambulances that are used in different types of situations. These different types of ambulances have different types of equipment on board. The staff also have different levels of qualifications. In some types of medical emergencies, patients can be airlifted to the hospital rather than driven.

Some ambulances do not have advanced life support capacity. These ambulances are commonly used in medical emergencies that are slightly less dire. Typically, there is not any sort of advanced life support equipment aboard these ambulances. The staff also typically consists of EMTs rather than paramedics. EMTs are trained in providing basic care, but they do not know advanced life support.

There are also ambulances that have the capacity for advanced life support. This means that patients in critical or unstable condition can be more readily transported to the hospital. These ambulances also are staffed with those that have more advanced training. Paramedics have a much larger fund of medical knowledge than EMTs do. They are able to provide the patient with life saving care that is of a rather complex nature.

If a patient is in exceptionally critical condition, they can be airlifted to the hospital. Airlifting can also be done if the patient is located in an area that is difficult to access by road. This is typically done using a helicopter. The transportation on a medical helicopter is often much more rapid than by road, because the helicopter is capable of moving at higher speeds and taking a more direct route. Additionally, helicopters are capable of getting to patients that are located essentially anywhere. Medical helicopters have been used to airlift patients from remote areas, including those at sea.