Long Distance

If starting a business from scratch, buying an existing business, or joining a great team like ACC Medlink, there are numerous online resources. Some will be noted here later.

CarThere are numerous services listed online that offer long distance NEMT. These services may be either ground or air transport. In either instance, comfort and safety are high priorities stated in their promotions. Generally, long distance transport by air requires a minimal distance of 200 miles. An example may be flying from Detroit, Michigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin; or Denver, Colorado to Waterloo, Iowa.

Benefits Of Non-emergency medical Long Distance Transport

-Peace of mind for the transported, and those significant to them. Becoming aware of the extent of services provided by an NEMT can most certainly allay fears concerning the planned trip.
-Appropriate staff such as paramedics or EMTs work with a long distance transport. They may be versed in handling such needs as dressing changes, medication administration, checking vital signs, operating equipment that is commensurate with the given patient’s condition.
-Another benefit is a caregiver or family member may travel along with the one being transported in most ground and air NEMT occasions. The NEMT service provider usually notes this in their promotion literature if so.
-Long distance NEMT is not limited to one specific group. Services are provided by many NEMT carriers to elderly persons or those with disabilities or handicaps. Staffing may be trained and qualified to work with the needs each group may present.
-Trip status may be tracked. If a relative is traveling long distance via NEMT carriers, ground and air may offer means where one can occasionally track the progress of the trip.

Reasons For Long Distance Non-emergency Medical Transportation

-A physician may have ordered further testing or procedures to be carried out at a facility some distance away.
-One may find they are in a rural setting, and need long distance transport to a medical facility for services. This could be a scheduled procedure or ongoing follow-up.
-Observing a major holiday or planned trip in another state or country requires long distance transport. Medical supervision may need to be assured during the trip.